Various Types of Alcohol Testing

There are a few ways that are employed for performing alcohol testing. The following presents a few of these.

Field Sobriety Tests

There are a few fundamental tests which person should perform. The tests usually consist of hand-eye coordination in addition to response time. Additionally, in addition, it has a horizontal gaze nystagmus test that asks the people to concentrate on the object that's put between 12 and 15 inches off. You can know more about drug testing methods from various online sources.

Urine Testing

It's just another frequent factor for alcohol testing. But, it's restricted only to discovering using recent alcohol. By utilizing this procedure, the user has the chance for cheating by smuggling the pee of the buddy to the testing area. It can supply you an extremely exact measurement so long as it's completed more than a week later use. Additionally, this type of testing can also be able to supply you another material abuse exclude alcohol.

Saliva Testing

This testing may only be employed for measuring alcohol following one or two weeks of usage. On the contrary, it may also be used for assessing medication misuse. But this testing is chiefly preferred since it less invasive compared to pee.

Hair Testing

This testing can supply you more precise testing within a protracted time period. In comparison to a different laboratory testing procedure, it cost significantly more costly.   


Another popular alcohol testing is using breathalyzer. It's quite sensible to use since it's portable and supply you an immediate outcome. It's best for use for emergency employees or officers. On the other hand, the effect showed from this gadget is varied from 15 percent up to 23 percent of the true BAC.