Info about No Fee Apartments

Most tenants elect for the "no fee" flat route, either via a broker, a landlord, or a management firm. However, is this actually a no-fee highline apartments? Or, have you just paid a hidden commission?

Zigzagging my way through the ice and snow covered roads of this West Village I attempt to stay up with two local rental brokers that have agreed to talk with me. I ask them a simple question:

"Renters do not understand, no way," Agent An ads. "All these` folks need a free ride. However, you know, there is no anything? And then if they remain in the flat the next year, then they pay the fee again! This time rather than coming to me it winds up in your landlord's pocket.

Info about No Fee Apartments

You feel the owner will say: hey, you paid an inflated lease this past year. I'm not going to give you that cash back. No way. What do tenants know? Ahh, that is why I call them dumb! They cover this charge over and over again."

And these guys, as much as their mindset made my skin creep and re-affirmed why I'm the greatest anti-broker; tenants always pay a broker's fee, if they are aware of it or not.

The "no commission" strategy has forced a lot of people from town and kept many from leasing in town. If you are still hanging on and leasing Manhattan, then throw a "My Rent is too damn high" celebration, and do not forget to invite your landlord.